How are secret chats different?

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Secret chat are implied for individuals who need more security than the normal fella. All messages in mystery visits use end-to-end encryption. This implies just you and the beneficiary can read those messages — no one else can interpret them, including us here at Telegram. Messages can't be sent from mystery talks. You can likewise request your messages to self-destruct in a set measure of time after they have been perused by the beneficiary. The message will then vanish from both your and your companion's gadgets.

One last difference between secret and ordinary chats in Telegram is that secret chats are not stored in our cloud. You can only access messages in a secret chat from their device of origin.

How do I start a secret chat?
Start a new message (tap the icon in the top-right corner in Messages). Then ‘New secret chat’.

Remember that secret chats are device-specific. If you start a secret chat with a friend on one of your devices, this chat will only be available on that device. If you log out, you will lose all your secret chats. You can create as many different secret chats with the same contact as you like
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