How create a Webogram account

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This is a step by step guide to create the telegrams unofficial app called webogram account creation.Webogram also a part of telegram messaging app it is also 200 percent security provide to you you can trust webogram.

First Open>
When you open this page it will automatically redirects to webogram site
Now You can See This Page Click On Start Messaging Button
 Now it Open the Sign In page
You Must Select your country and enter your mobile number there and Click NEXT to continue

You It Shows a POP UP Message that asks your mobile number is correct or not
Click Ok to continue Now You will get a Code On your Mobile Number
 You must Enter the Code number you got in your mobile number to continue
Remember the code will Expires in 2Minutes(For Security)
Enter the code number and Click Next Your Webogram account is ready to use now

This is your Chat screen of Webgram application
 In settings Menu You can control your Nmae profile picture Mobile number and chat notification etc.On the Left side you can save the contacts

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